South Africa Workshop: Day 6

by Julia Ramirez-Gonzalez

Friday 21st of June 2019

The end of the working week had begun, and the morning was dedicated to finish the presentations with the outcomes of the workshop. The room was silent, the only thing to hear was the click clack of the key boards as the time was running as everything needed to be ready before lunch.

After lunch, the three teams (I) Proposal for future clean energy system in SA, (II) Energy Storage for SA and (III) Public perception and promotion of electric vehicles in SA, gave an overview the current panorama of each topic and gave a related recommendation. Stay tune for the upcoming report that summarises all the discussed information about these three topics!

Presentation of the outcomes of the workshop

The workshop finish with words gratitude from all the presents. The engagement of all the participants, representatives from ESKOM and academics from UTC and Southampton and all the students, was a crucial to obtain a fruitful discussion, exchanging ideas and culture.

As cherry on top, to finish the day Pieter gave us a tour around the facilities of HySA Catalysis, where we had the opportunity to see where they prepare, characterize and test the different type of fuel cells that are prepared at UCT.

Tour around the laboratories of the HySA Catalysis

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